Please can anyone advise on dwarf peach

averil(8b)July 18, 2013

Hi folks, I would appreciate any advice. I bought this peach last year and it grows lovely lush leaves then starts to drop them. There is no sign of disease. It's all the inner leaves that drop first. In the photo it looks great but underneath its nearly naked. It's been very hot for the UK these last few weeks, 30c and over. I wouldn't have thought the heat would affect it but I have moved it yesterday to a spot that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. The second pic is the inside of the tree where you can see all the leaves are dropping. I'm worried I'm not doing the best for the tree but I'm at an absolute loss as to what I'm doing wrong. It gets fed fortnightly with miracle gro
Kind regards
Averil UK

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This is inside the branches

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The only time my peach trees dropped green leaves were when it rained so many days in a row (I believe over a week of non-stop rain). After rain stopped for a week, the leaf dropping stopped. My trees are in the ground, though.

Don't know if your tree get too much watering or not. During these many days of 90 degree heat, some leaves on my peach trees started to wlit but no drop. I tend to think that heat does not cause green leaves to drop.

Hopefully, someone else can share their experience or advice.

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Hi mamuang, thanks for replying. I have to admit I'm never sure how much water this plant needs so I am a bit hit and miss with it. Since you have said you know they drop after a lot of rain, I shall lay off the water for a while and see how it goes. Many thanks
Averil UK

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