Am I paranoid is somebody poisening my raspberries.

champagne_charlyJuly 6, 2013


I transplanted some raspberries a few months ago. Gave them lots of Fish bone and blood and root hormones. First 3 days they were beautiful with little to no wilt on new shoots. I confess there after i neglected to water them for 2 weeks. Lots (30%) died. I presumed this was simply neglect.

However weeks on and every time I go back I notice that new shoots that have come through and produced foliage and in some case flower and berry formations have gradually died back starting from the leaves and then the whole shoot.

I'm not the best at watering raspberies given I've never needed to in the past... but all canes and good root structures given they were all minimum of 2 year old canes. There has been lots of contention in respect of so many soft fruits being grown that I am suspicious of fowl play. I gave some of the plants a good 10l of water each last sunday to go back again yesterday to find that one of the healthy(ish) plants bearing greenshoots with blossom had almost completly died back and was soon to add to the ever extending diying plants.

I have read up on some diseases affecting raspberry canes but nothing seems to apply.

I'm hoping for some advice opinions on what is happening/ what to do. I'm considering getting some sort of analyses done although am sure if it is possible and at what kind of cost (here in the UK).

Thanks in advance..

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Is this on an allotment? I assume so, since no one would be going into your garden. And what is the contention over soft fruit growing?

It is best to plant raspberries when they are dormant i.e. December to March. So, if you put yours in later that when they already had foliage that would be the first possible source of trouble.

Secondly, you gave them 'lots' of pretty strong fertilisers so that could be another problem. They don't really need anything at planting.

I don't know what 'root hormones' you added but they are not necessary for raspberries which are very unfussy to transplant.

Finally the erratic watering can't be helping. No water for 2 weeks would be pretty damaging to new transplants with foliage. The flowers and leaves may be just growing from the reserves in the canes and not be being supplied by the roots at all. And it is advisable not to allow newly planted raspberries to fruit anyway the first year. Have you dug down to see if the soil is moist a spade depth down? It could either be too dry or waterlogged.

I am not suspicious by nature so I'd propose over-babying at planting combined with erratic watering before I'd suspect foul play. You don't say if anything nearby is dying too.

But I don't know the background of your situation. Can you show us some pictures? Weedkiller damage would be easier to diagnose if we could see the problem.

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