Hansen Chrry Bushes

charlieboringJuly 1, 2013

This spring I planted two Hansen cherry bushes. Has anyone tried these? I am in zone 7. How do they taste? I understand that they produce a little fruit the second year; is that true?

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I planted a few of these years ago. I did not care for the taste but the plant itself was very pretty in the spring. Unfortunately I found out from these that I cannot grow any cherry related plant because of a fungus problem. I would grow them again if I could but only for the spring flowers.

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I have a few and I like them. They have nice flowers and it stays small and pretty dense growing. They cherries are not going to taste like the store bought sweet cherries but I eat them and they are not too bad.

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Hansen's bush cherry is supposedly a selected form of the native wild Sand Cherry, Prunus besseyi, but most people agree that simply Hansen's = Sand Cherry.

So just realize that what you have is essentially just a wild native shrub and not a cultivated fruiting plant like sour or sweet cherries. That said, this species is incredibly tough, drought tolerant, precocious, productive, a good wildlife plant, and handsome as well.

The fruit is not the best for fresh eating, but wonderful for pretty much any kind of processing, and is much bigger than just about any other native cherry.

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