Douglas Pears

bhawkins(8A Dallas)July 18, 2013

I think I can get this from Grandpa's; supposedly better than Keiffer, and will bear fruit in 1-2 years.

Does anyone have experience with Douglas Pears?


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Noogy(6 sw mi)

I personally dont, but here is an excerp from NCGR. I bet it's a great choice for you down in the heat!
"In regions where blight and heat make pear-growing precarious, and pears with oriental blood, as Kieffer, Garber and Le Conte, must be grown, Douglas, which belongs with the pears just named, might well be tried. It is better in flavor than any other variety of its class, The trees come in bearing remarkably early, and are as productive as those of Kieffer, though hardly as large or vigorous. The trees are inclined to overbear, in which case the fruits run small. The variety has little to recommend it, but those who grow Kieffer might put it on probation with the hope of growing a fruit passably fair for dessert. Douglas is a seedling of Kieffer crossed, it is believed, with Duchesse d'Angouleme by O. H. Ayer, Lawrence, Kansas, about 1897. Tree medium in size and vigor, upright, very produc-tive", etc.

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