Raspberry canes turning brown

TVZ1July 19, 2012

My raspberries seem to be afflicted with the disease described below (phytophthora). However, I have quite sandy, well-drained soil. So based on that, a root rot seems unlikely. However, because of the sandy soil I have mulched, and water every day when the plants are fruiting (because I understand that raspberries are shallow-rooted). Do you think that�s the problem? How often should I water raspberries in sandy soil?



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Root rot -- by the fungus Phytophthora -- resides in the soil. The telltale symptom: the fruiting stems die.

A second fungus kills raspberry canes also. In this instance, it's a vascular wilt -- by the fungus Verticillium -- and kills the canes in their first year of growth.

So, I'd say that it's the root rot that is killing Roserobin's plants.

And here's the really bad news:

-- Both the above fungi reside in the soil.

-- No spray is helpful against either disease.

-- No soil treatment is available to get rid of either of these fungi.

-- The fungi will remain in the soil for many years.

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dmtaylor(5a (WI))

My raspberries are in sandy soil and I didn't water them at all until the big heat waves of the past ~5 weeks, and they've done splendidly. Once the drought and heat hit for a while, I've been watering them about twice a week and they are still healthy. So I wonder if you've been watering just way too much. They don't need a ton of water. They're much more robust than, say, pumpkins or peas, which start looking really bad if you don't water them at least once a day if not twice a day.

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Raspberries need significantly less water than most other berries. Every time I overwater them, I have issues dead canes etc....

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

I agree that the issue is likely overwatering. In zone 5, I would be surprised if they needed water more than once a week. -Glenn

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Yeah I'm in zone 6a. Unless fruiting I water sparingly, which is the exact opposite of my blackberries. Always experience problems if i water more than 1 time per week unless it gets above 90 then 2 times per week.

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How often do you water your blackberries, ABz65b?

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in zone 5 but frequently in the high 90s with a lot of dry wind. I have to water every day or the top inch of soil feels dry. is this too much or to little water? ALSO i have many canes drying up with the leaves turing brown and crunch. Berries are dry and smallish- or they have a few white colored druplets. what could this be!? :)

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Blackberries I have set up on a drip system and they get watered in the morning 3 times per week when hot 2 times per week when warm then adjust as needed.

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I am in zone 5 in se SD and we are real dry , I have to water mine atleast 3 times a week and they are still looking a bit burned up , if you dig a hole here 2 ft deep its going to be bone dry

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Yeah some parts of the country are experiencing drought. there are several factors. I have bark around mine which retains moisture. I am also in an area of the country that is not experiencing drought. And my bushes are getting older so their leaves/foilage are keeping the sun off the soil. That drip system I have set up is a serious advantage in combination with the bark. which also helps with moisture retention. Just pay attention to your plants a bit and you'll get it down.

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