Hay causing stress on blueberry bushes?

brandond(6)July 2, 2012

I have posted here explaining frustration towards having problems with blueberry bushes. I believe part of the problem I have had is I mulched with hay a couple weeks ago around some of my rows of bushes. With all of the 100 degree days we have had it has caused very hot temps where the hay was placed. I believe it has created an oven affect in that it has scorched the leaves on my smallest and most recent plantings. I was very sudden and without much warning that this damage took place. I have dealt with ph probmes before and they dont kill plants overnight. They were also properly watered so Im thinking the heat from the hay mulch is the culpret. In the meantime I took my garden hose and soaked the hay. Its helped already.

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The mulch should have the effect of insulating the soil from the heat of the sun, and reducing the evaporation from the soil. Here we try and plant blueberries where they don't get all day summer sun. Al

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Last thursday it was 96 degrees and my potted plants were dry. I watered them at 2 in the afternoon and the next day I noticed the partially browned leaves. From the tip back. And only on my elliott.

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