Help! japanese beetles on bluberries.

filixJuly 15, 2013

Hello. I have twenty two high bush. And this year they really starting to produce. Only problem, they are being eaten buy Japanese beetles. I put down miky spore 3 years ago. It made no difference. In fact there were more. This past spring I put down grub-ex. hasen't made a difference. I put up some bait bags. that did nothing. I sprayed the bushes with jacks dead bug yesterday morning and this morning they are back as strong as ever. Whats next? dynamite?. any help would be a blessing. Filix.

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This is the time of year a lot of people net their blueberries against birds. Might as well net them against the JBs at the same time.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

I am so glad we don't have those things here. I have heard the bug traps just draw more of them.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I'd net them...probably only thing you can do at this point, might be too late to spray if the berries are ripening.

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One way to get the Japanese beetles off your blueberries is to plant a patch of raspberries nearby. We have both a raspberry patch, and 20 blueberry shrubs. I can tell you from experience that the JB's prefer to munch on the raspberries, given a choice. I am using the "soapy cup of death" method for reducing the numbers of Japanese beetles. I have a 6 inch diameter plastic cup, that used to hold "GoJo" waterless hand cleaner, filled halfway with warm soapy water. The beetles get brushed into the cup, where they suffocate and drown. They are not able to fly back out of the soap solution once they are immersed. This can be time consuming-I might spend 1/2 hour per day, in the summer, when the infestation is heavy. But it works, and there is no toxic residue on the plants, the fruit, or in the yard.

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poolecw(Georgia 7b)

Sevin works for me.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Sevin works, but doesn't last long. I have not used it. I use the soapy dish of death. And concur with ericwi, plant raspberries. My blueberries are untouched, strawberries some, blackberries some, grapes some. Raspberries, loaded with beetles!! Hibiscus is another plant they like too.
And my pluot seems to be a fav too! What really sucks for me is last year we had no J beetles. For 35 years we had none in this area. All around me yes, this area no. Well that all ended, they are here in full force.

I used nematodes and milky spore at my cottage and it greatly reduced the numbers, but the problem is the whole neighborhood needs to do it. Unless they do, they will keep coming. I noticed a few blocks away they were heavy as ever in some wild grape vines. I may treat that area myself.

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If some are lucky enough not to have them ,I am very glad for them. Because they are truly a curse. I have thought about covering them in insect screen. I wounder if this would create enough shade to prevent some ripening. I would need a large roll of insect screen. I know sevin will kill the the things. Some local u-picks spray sevin. I think I can taste that difference. I have always used the "knock them in the soapy water thing" but they are too heavy. Thanks.

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Roses make another good trap plant for JB.

I don't have any on my BBs but they've started to gnaw holes in my ripe plums.

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I was reading about remay cloth. It lets most sunlight in and bugs out. I may try it. Anybody use it?

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So far that stuff is working! yea!

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