Possible blueberry trouble?

dirtslinger2(6)July 5, 2012

Last October I planted 4 dozen highbush blueberry bushes of 6 varieties. Natural turally moist acidic soil. A bit wet, so planted in hills with a thick layer of pine needle mulch.

all spring they've been a bit yellow/orange which I decided was basic transplanting adjustment. A few weeks back I gave them a little rhodo/azalea food and pinch each of micronutrients and this peaty-clay soil is not rich and figured it wouldn't hurt.

Yesterday was the first day of heat of the season (really) and about 75% (30 or so) ended up with slightly upturned leaves. Were fine in the morning.

They looked drought stressed. Which i have seen previously when still potted. Yet the soil below mulch was moist. plenty of rain lately.

Any ideas?

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upturned leaves can be fungal too. Hard to tell without pictures and a possible county extension test.

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Check your pH. Blueberries usually respond very well to transplant into the right conditions. Your soil might be acidic, but is it acidic enough? Yellowing in spring is not that unusual, if the pH is right, should be dark green this time of year.

Also, a drought stressed blueberry doesn't react like other plants. My plants at least, when they get drought stressed don't wilt or curl. They suck the moisture from peripheral leaves which turn brown and crispy. I suspect that rather then wilt, they sacrifice leaves to put moisture into berries.

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Thanks for the responses. Strangely it is the row or Reka (heavy soil tolerant) showing the most symptoms.
Most of all bushes do have deep green leaves, while not as many leaves as I'd like they show growth.
The ground below the raised beds is overly wet however mounds are what I'd think is perfect at this moment.
Looking down on them they seem fine but from side view they definitely show upturned leaves. And not all, so compared to a normal bush there is something clearly going on.
Doesn't seem fungal.

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