vegiforms? Is there another brand?

danielmcJuly 3, 2012

I have seen this before but never really looked into it until the other day. Square watermelon using plastic box to mold the shape of the developing fruit... okay cool. Also ran across cucumber molds that make them star shaped or heart shaped once cucumber is slightly smaller than mold you place cucumber in the mold for 10 days and done... again cool and you aren't waiting over a month to see the results and a cucumber is easier to mess up and not get as excited as a watermelon (oppinion) so thought a half dozen mold in a smaller size could make a jar of really neat pickles... The molds from a Japan supplier are 85 dollars for a set of two shapes (crazy). Anyone seen another brand or ever used something similar to do this that wouldn't make a jar of pickles cost a couple hundred dollars?

experience would be very helpful but wild guesses and oppinions might also help me think something up so please add your two cents.


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Bought some of the face-shaped vegi-form molds years ago - ran across 'em again, sometime back, while cleaning out some junk - but couldn't put my hands on 'em today, if I needed to.
Don't know whether they're not made anymore, or just not available in the US anymore.
Check eBay - somebody may have 'em for sale much cheaper.

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I don't know how large you would want pickles to be, but if you want them small to medium sized, you could probably use the inexpensive plastic molds sold in craft stores for candy making. You would need to put 2 molds back to back to make a 360, 3-D effect, but some of these are really cheap. Wilton is the most widely sold brand.

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