mrsg47(7)July 4, 2013

It must be the dampness, excessive rain, steamy days and fog that have brought on a tremendous amount of earwigs in my bagged apples this year. RI has been hit with endless rain and fog. If the rain stops, the steamy fog rolls in. You cannot sit outside, as your clothes with get wet in the fine mist of the fog.

Last year I had one bag that had three earwigs in it. This summer I can easily find five or six earwigs in every four baggies. I squish them right in the bag then try and get the dead bodies out through the clipped holes in the bottom of the bags. Just looks nasty. Mrs. G PS 'Its always something!'

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)

Mrs G,

I went out today and checked on the bagged apples and found some earwigs in them. I crushed them and they sure are ugly.


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Tony, pestilence ain't pretty! :)

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If I was in your predicament, I would try installing a few stinky bags around a few tree trunks and see if the earwigs would avoid climbing over them enroute to the upper tree area. It worked very well for me when I was trying to keep slugs from slithering up the trunks of fruit trees with emerging young sprouts on grafted scions....because they were eating the scion sprouts at night. Using a thin plastic grocery bag, I wrapped the bottom of the upright bag around a smooth tree trunk area, and then encircled that with tightly wrapped electric tape....so bugs could not crawl beneath the taped bag bottom. I puffed out the middle of the bag, and then wrapped the top of the bag snug against the trunk, where a second wrapping of tight electric tape held the top of the bag. I then used a cheap aerosol can of ant/roach spray to mist over the puffy middle of the bag all the way around. The whole installation takes a whopping one minute......I guess that the puffy bag was hard for the slugs to travel over, and the smell was also a strong hint to go elsewhere. I used tan bags so that the appearance was less of an eyesore. Good luck.

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Coping, that is great! Thanks so much!

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Corn Oil or EVOOin a plate will wipe them out quick... Search for threads with result pics :)

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