1 of 2 sticks on cleft graft took, when to remove failed stick?

persianmd2orchardJuly 11, 2013

I had 1 of 2 scion sticks of Coes Golden Drop euro plum take on a cleft graft. I'm reading some different advice on when and what to do with the failed stick. Any firsthand experiences?




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I just cut off one whether it grew or not. One strong graft is better than two weak ones. Al

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What Al said. I let the second graft hang on a little while as a backup and until callousing is well established and then nip it off.

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thanks guys. so when you cut off one of them, do you leave the bottom that's wedged in with tapered end? or do you yank the whole stick completely out?

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skyjs(z8 OR, USA)

I don't rip it out. I just cut it evenly with the flat top, and it has worked well for me. I don't want to open up the tree to diseases.
John S

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interesting thanks, i wasnt sure which would leave it more prone to problems, a likely dead wedge of wood in there or opening up air space in there you know? for now ill default to flat topping it and leaving wedge in sounds reasonable enough.

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