Nearly ripe peaches dropping

peachymomo(Ca 8)July 1, 2013

I have a 5 year old peach tree bearing it's first real crop this year and it's starting to drop a few somewhat ripe peaches every day. I thinned a while ago, but I'm thinking maybe it was not enough and the tree is dropping the fruit it can't support. I've brushed the ants off of a few of the dropped peaches and eaten them, they were good (sweeter than I find at the grocery store) but had a slight bitterness and a bit of a green tint to the color. I don't want to let any of the peaches go to waste, but I also don't want to pick them too early. What should I do?

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Try supporting the branches of the tree so that the fruit won't be under so much pressure and detach prematurely. I have a similar situation with one of my peach trees and I have 8 boards under various branches. Since peaches don't ripen off the tree, I keep mine on the tree as long as possible. Although it creates excess pressure on the tree, the reward is worth it.

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