peaches in container

mpoland33July 24, 2013

I saw a recent string of posts about growing peahces in containers but I wanted to just throw out a quick question.

I'm in zone 6/6B (South Central PA),

How long would it take them to start fruiting and what variety would you recommend?

how would I take care of it in winter?

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hey, im not sure about your question but im up in niagara falls and we grow them in the ground year round here, is this not an option for you? ive seen a few dwarf varieties online (in canada) but there hard to come by. i belive you would need to prune your roots to keep the tree small. again im not sure but im looking forward to here the answer.

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M...peaches fruit on one year old wood. So, it would theoretically only be one year (if the tree could carry it). There are genetic and grafted dwarfs. Research varieties good for your area.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Mine fruit second year but that's in a greenhouse 300 day growing season. You don't need dwarf trees. The small soil volume will dwarf all you need. In fact after 4-5 years, unless repotted sooner, the vigor will become too low. In-ground is certainly easier but potted works.

You might need to bury the pot in winter, insulate, or move to unheated garage.

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I don't grow peaches in pots, but I grow other fruits including plums and cherries. It works. Fruitnut, who posted above, is the resident expert in growing fruits in containers. I'm in zone 5. First, I try to select varieties that are rated one zone colder (although that's not always realistic.) Second, I bury my pots in leaves in the fall (a couple inches above the rim). I've only been growing like this for 3 winters, but so far I haven't lost any plants due to winter cold. (Probably will eventually.)

I use 14 gallon rubber maid rough totes as pots. Drill drain holes in the bottom.

The potting soil you use is a make or break ingredient. That's a topic in itself, but not difficult. Most do NOT recommend straight from the bag pottiing soil.

I don't grow peaches, so I could be wrong. But from what I read, you will have to spray for insects and fungus or you won't get peaches. That's another topic in itself. Search here or ask questions.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Raritan Rose (white peach) this year is carrying 25 peaches in a 15 gallon pot...this is that trees 3rd summer. Blushingstar (white peach) is in its 2nd summer, and that tree has 10 peaches on it...

I use min 15 gallon pots for fruiting and use a soil mix that is basically all woodchips. You must water often and fertilize often...

I need to repot several peaches after this summer because the soil volume has decreased a lot over the years. I'll trim the top back some and also trim the roots some....

The main reason for growing in pots is that you can guarantee fruit every year. By using a dolly/ can easily protect the tree during freezes, storms, etc... On top of that, some people don't need 500 peaches off on tree

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hmm intresting, the tree will naturally dwarf itself? im still new to all this as well but as i understood if the container is too small the roots will eventually choke out the tree. is that not the case with these kind of trees in containers? as well how tall do they get in the 15gal containers


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

My trees in 15 gal containers top out at 5-6ft above the top of the pot. That's with very little pruning. They could be kept at 4ft easily. You'd be amazed how little pruning is needed.

15 gal pot won't produce a 20ft tree of any kind. Not unless it were something like a willow and you ran water through the pot 24/7 like hydroponics. Even then the pot would burst from all the roots in a year or two.

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