12 Best American Persimmons

fruitcrazJuly 6, 2012

After reading a millions threads on American Persimmons I came to conclusion that the twelve best one are: 1)James Claypool Early Golden, 2)Prok, 3)Yates, 4)Lehman 100-46, 5) Lehman 100-47, 6)Lehman U-20A, 7)Garretson, 8)Morris Burton #3, 9)Knightville, 10) James Claypool I-94A, 11)Lena, 12)Mohler.

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bennylafleur(6 E. Tn.)

By best, do you mean just flavor, or do you also include such qualities as size, color, number of seeds, easy to lose astringency, ripening season, hang or fall easily, disease tolerance, and any cracking.
Individual taste buds will have an effect also, such as, to me Morris Burton has a mild flavor, not as spicy as some of the others, but I am sensitive to astringency, and it seems to lose astringency quickly, so I can just pop them in my mouth without having to worry.
I thought Dollywood would have made the list.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)

I think Lehman WS8-10 should also be included on the list due to the fact that it is the biggest American persimmon period (larger than 100-46), according Jerry Lehman. It also has a richer flavor the his U-20A.

Benny, I agreed with you that Dollywood(D-128) should belongs to the list also.


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Bennyl, I got most of the selection by reading of threads. Majority of were based on sizes, tastes, early ripening. JC-Early Golden won the test taste at JC orchard. Prok and Yates has big size and good taste and mid-season. Lehman 100-46, 100-47 were close to be the biggest American persimmons and taste good too. U-20A has good size and taste like Kaki, Garretson is a high quality persimmon with an excellent taste not too far JCEG. Morris Burton #3 is a seedling of MB and is superior to its parent with larger size and sweetness. Knightville is from Indiana with a very large fruit and good taste. JC I-94A has the highest score of the JC varieties. Lena won the Mitchell persimmon contest in 1955. Mohler is Lee R. favorite for taste.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)

Here are three more should add to the list, F25 is very big and has excellent taste, NC 10 is very early ripening and good taste and one of John Gordon to 5 picks for the North. C 100 was a cross from Morris Burton with bigger fruit and taste the same MB and Mr Claypool is going to commercialize it.


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Mr. Claypool passed away two years ago. I think that his H-118 should be on the list as well. It is a very early, reasonable sized variety with an excellent taste.

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