honey crisp leaf deficiency ?

mcckkey(MI zone 5)July 12, 2013

Seems my honey crisp apple trees start out each season looking great, healthy green leaf color and vigorous new growth.......by mid summer the leafs leafs a turn pale green and I though it maybe a nutrient disorder, but I'm not seeing it on any of the other trees.I thought maybe a mg (magnesium) or iron deficiency ? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated !

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I have this issue too on both my honeycrisps. Talking with other growers, it is common on the new leaves to show these symptoms. At least on this variety. I heard rumors that Honeycrisp has a virus? If so that would explain these visual symptoms and also its non-vigorous
growth habit.

Honeycrisp has always had this issue. It should still grow and produce good apples.

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