Part-Shade berries?

marylandroyalJuly 22, 2014


I'm brand new to landscaping, gardening and this site in general. I'm trying to plan a small berry patch for the back corner of the yard which measures about 15' x 15'. It gets about 5 hours of afternoon sun a day (unfortunately most of my yard is shady). Are there certain types of berries that would do well back there provided I improve the soil correctly? Thanks for the tips!

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Heritage red raspberries are pretty forgiving. You would get berries, just not as many.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Honeyberries, currants and raspberries can tolerate some shade. 5 hours is probably enough for those mentioned. Anne and Fall Gold would also be good raspberry choices. Remember they spread like wild.
A raised bed can contain them a little, they will still make their way out. But you can pull the stray canes out. What I do. You could make a bed 15' x18 inches. You really do not want it any wider. I used 25 inches and think it is too wide. Next time 18. Canes in the middle do not get enough light in my bed. Not sure how well currants or honeyberries would grow in 7a? But the rest of the bed could be for them.
If you used the whole area for raspberries you could have a few 15 foot long patches. Depends, the light may be blocked by the first bed, etc. It depends on angle of the sun. Two or three 15 foot long patches would give huge yields of berries. I have about 40 feet and get over 20 pounds. Although I never really weighed them.

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Blackberries would do well there, without the need for raised beds.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Some of my blackberries sucker pretty good too, You don't really need raised beds, but it helps keep it neat.
The main purpose of my beds is it was easy to train my dog to stay out. He tends to wander into the in ground plantings. I also needed to control PH for blueberries.

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Thanks for the tips. I actually have one blackberry plant (2nd year I believe) back there I received as a gift to see how it would do. I planted it in the spring and tho it hasn't produced much it appears to be growing and doing well. I'll prob go with a mix of blackberries and raspberries as both are my favorite berries to eat anyway. Thanks again for the tips!

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There's also Evergreen Huckleberry.They grow bigger in shade,but won't fruit as much. Brady

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