Persimmon precocious ?

wlh8723(7)July 4, 2013

I graft persimmon in 2012 ( Matsumoto) and it now has 3 fruit. Others, Saijo, Eureka, Great Wall,Tamopan, Furu , have none. I also did a few American persimmon this year, 2013 Yates, Ruby, Dollywood, WS8-10, etc. What should I expect of these persimmon? Does it depend on the age of the root stock? Are some more precocious than others?What have you experanced?

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My FuYu made five fruit the first year, about 25 the second year, about 75 the thrid year, only 5 the fourth year and about 60 the fifth year. This is the sixth year and it looks like about 70 fruit will survive the june drop off.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


I grafted my Lehman U-20A, WS8-10, 100-42, 100-43,and Knightville, Geneva Long, Lena, MB#3, Claypool H-118, H-120 high about 3 feet up on the larger rootstocks. Several of them flowers but dropped. Jerry said it took about 4 years or so for them to produce.


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Would anyone like to trade some persimmon scions for FUYU persimmon scion?

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


Send me an email next February.


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I am finding it very variable on when I they start fruiting. I think most of those 2012 grafts are from me, and from trees planted in either 2009 or 2010. Most all of them were flowering last spring and got hit hard. This year I have limited fruit set and Seems I am losing another Fuyu and my Eureka after they bounced back last year and grew fine. It seems to fit the description of Sudden Kaki Decline or whatever you want to label as delayed damage the following leaf out after freeze damage a year before. Both tree came back after after spring 2012 late freeze and leafed out this year to suddenly decline.

My Sajio after having fruits prior a couple years has none that I noted this year. My Great Wall and Matsumoto Wase Fuyu have a couple fruit and I maybe I will taste this year. I would have last year without the cold damage.

I would consider any fruit on a 2nd year graft a gift and I would consider removing depending on how strong your graft union is as the weight of fruit might break it off. breaking branches from fruit seems pretty common even on un-grafted branches. It will probably set back growth on the graft as well. I am thinking that many might be very off and on bearing for several years until well established. Some cultivars even as mature trees have a reputation for alternate bearing.

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Joe Real who used to post on this forum would report routine same year fruiting on his persimmon grafts. I have had same year fruiting on U-20A and Shin Na Da. Other precocious ones are 100-46, Yates, Osage, and Knightville.

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Thanks to you guys for the info. As best I can tell , a grafted persimmon will bear fruit in about 4 years. If it fruits earlyer than that it is said to be precocious.

Same year fruiting on U-20A , and Shin Na Da by Creekweb and Joe Real seems to be grafts made onto mature rootstock .

My 2012 grafts were made with scions given to me by Strudeldog from young plants. The grafts were made onto mature rootstocks about 4 feet off the ground. Scion cut from fruiting wood and grafted onto mature root stock maybe best for early fruiting.

Toney Tran your grafts were made onto mature rootstock,were they not?

Thanks all. Bill

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


The rootstocks were 2-3 yrs old.


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