peach tree pruning

PeterS1938July 18, 2012


I have a 5year old peach tree that has had a bad year due to leaf curl and lost its fruit.When I read up on it i am told prune in late Feb after the last frosts.Well,where I live in the south east we can have plenty of frosts up until May(dont cast a clout until May is out as the saying goes).As I have lost all the fruit could I prune now? The tree is in a very large frost free tub and has grown a lot of new foliage and apart from some old leaves still infected with leaf curl it still looks pretty healthy and we have been threatened with a couple of months of decent weather.Your comments would be much appreciated.


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I have done most of my peach pruning in summer time. Only do major structural pruning in early spring. Pruning in summer time might help reducing the risk of fugi infection.

summer pruning might affect fruit production. Since your tree is not in production, IMO you should prune many branches off as you want.

Make sure you dispose all the leaves/branches properly and spray it according to you local spray schedule

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