Watering in Summer

Jerseymec(6b)July 20, 2013

When I bought my fruit trees I was told to water them once a week ( atleast 5G) and thats it. But lately it has been really hot and I am wondering if you guys think I should water more than once a week. The trees seem to be ok but they look like they are droopy with the heat.

Any Suggestions?

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You should water at evening or after sunset more than once a week.

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I water blueberry shrubs twice a week when there is a serious drought. If you think the tree looks droopy, I would go ahead and water it as needed. In a drought, water every three days might be the way to go. Some soils are very high in clay, and don't drain well. How well does your soil drain?

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alan haigh

The leaves can droop in intense heat even when soil is moist. Don't read the tree, read the soil. You can purchase a soil meter or use your hands to determine moisture level of soil.

If you are establishing the tree you shouldn't wait until the tree begins to wilt from lack of water to give it a good soaking to get best growth. Once a week should be more than frequent enough for a tree not competing with weeds or nearby trees.

I have seen people just leave a hose and slowly water the base of trees and only wet a very small area. You need to know that you've soaked the entire root ball and the area where new roots are going to grow. This will probably take a great deal more than 5 gallons but if it's done the tree shouldn't wilt for a couple of weeks- even in driest weather. A concave area under the tree is all but necessary if you are doing it by hand.

Mulch is extremely helpful for establishing trees. I have a nursery in SE NY with no irrigation at all (for in-ground trees). Trees haven't starting wilting yet, but if we don't get a good rain soon, they will. Every tree has a small circle of mulch because I don't use herbicide. I've never lost trees to drought.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I flood the area around my apple trees...its just been way too dry this month (.29 inches of rain in July) and of course its been hot and sunny (lots of 90Fs).. I've probably watered them 2x this month.

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