Apricots on Plum Rootstocks

nyRockFarmer(5A Southern Tier, NY)July 28, 2014

I've read that grafts between apricots and Myrobalan are weak and often result in damage at the graft or delayed incompatibility. Apricot seedling rootstocks are recommended for best results. Peach seedlings are somewhere in between. Myrobalan is only recommended for sites where apricot and peach rootstocks cannot tolerate the soil. However, shorter life expectancy is to be expected.

Any opinions on this? Does delayed Myrobalan incompatibility contribute to sudden unexpected death of apricots after a few vigorous years? What about Marianna 2624?

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econ0003(10a CA / 8b CA)

I have a Blenheim on Myro 29C from Dave Wilson Nursery. I haven't had any problems after four growing seasons. Maybe some varieties of Apricot don't do as well on Myro 29C? Maybe a more harsh climate would cause more problems?

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nyRockFarmer(5A Southern Tier, NY)

Yes, it probably depends on variety and environmental conditions. The statements I've seen are broad and don't help understand the situation. It's like the research community is aware of the issue, but the rest of the world is mostly oblivious or not concerned. I found two places I saw this:


"The best rootstocks for apricots are apricot seed-
lings. Myrobalan rootstocks have been used quite
extensively, but apricots on this rootstock are subject
to delayed incompatibility and frequently break off at
the bud union three or four years after planting. Peach
seedlings have also been used as rootstocks for apri-
cots, but trees on peach seedlings are not as long lived
as those on apricot seedlings. "


"Myrobalan Plum Seedling - These are not normally recommended for use with apricots for several reasons. The graft union between apricot and myrobalan plum (Prunus cerasifera) is weak and may break in a strong wind. Slow decline of apricot trees on Myrobalan seedling rootstock has also been reported. Apricot trees on Myrobalan seedling normally come into bearing later than trees on apricot seedling. Myrobalan seedling rootstock is only recommended for areas where drainage is imperfect and apricot seedling will not perform well. "

I think it is a warning to plan your orchard with the expectation of shorter life expectancies and higher losses if you use myrobalan. It should be manageable with a good plan for replacing losses. However, the stakes would be higher for the homeowners that only want one or two trees.

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