Homemade Fruit Tree Spray?

bluesky204July 25, 2013

Hello, I was reading members postings and came across this homemade fruit tree spray. Does anyone have experience with this solution?


Does it really work? my young peach tree has suffered shoot strike from cuddling moths and leaf damage from Japanese beetles. Recently I also noticed spots on the leaves which might be fungal disease so I really need something to keep my tree healthy.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

First, codling moth goes to apples and pears, not peaches.

Second, you need to accurately diagnose the problem before you apply a "remedy" of any sort. (posting images could help us help you.)

Third, applying a commercial product designed for the problem at hand is *far* better than using a homemade anything.

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sorry i meant oriental moth, see my previous message here

I've also caught a handful of Japanese beetles already and right now my leaves look like this

Also, as a home gardener, I have no access to pesticide like Sevin, malathion, spionsad, or even neem oil as my local government has banned for home use. that's why i am looking for organic remedy

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You could try using water at a 9ph I use this on my grapes and fruit tress ( Pears and apples) and it works really well. I have a living water ionizer made by Vollara www.myvollara.com/stormking if you want to check out my site and see how water can be used for gardening I use water to clean my whole house. This isn't a guarantee it will work on your problem but it sure does make my pears taste great and my grapes are bigger. I also control the ph in my soil with the living water which uses NASA technology and is on the space station as I'm writing this.

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It's helpful to know where you live.

Your peach looks like it is affected by bacterial spot. It's also called "shot hole". It affects both leaves and fruit.

The only way I know is to prevent it. You need to spray copper during dormant season (I use copper hydroxide). You can do one spray in late fall after leaves fall and one more in early spring before bud break. Copper is "organic".

For Oriental Fruit Moths, the organic way is to spray with Surround, a kaolin clay product. You can spray when fruit is small (a dime size). When you see the clay starts to wear off, you need to spray again esp. after each rain. I don't know if it would help with shoot strike but that's OK. You can just cut of those shoots (I do that often).

I think kaolin clay spray will be OK with your local goverment. I hope they are OK with copper spray, too.

Spray copper during dormant season in late fall will prevent another peach's serious issue - peach leave curl.

I have not found any home-made fruit tree spray that works in my area!!!

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