pruning new growth?

happygarden168July 3, 2014

What would you do?
I got a lot of new growth this year. 3rd summer in my yard.
The new growth are about 24 inches. It makes the tree about 8 feet.
I read that too much new growth is not good.
Oh, it's an asian pear.
if I should to prune, do I prune now or late winter or early spring?
Thank you in advance for your time!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

You can prune or tip the branches now. Then, if possible, cut back on water and fertilizer until the tree quits growing. That's enough growth for one year. It's time to slow the tree down in preparation for winter.

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Thank you for the knowledgeable advise.
I will do that. Hopefully, no new growth after I prune.
I do like the tree to be short for fruit picking purposes.

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alan haigh

I rarely tip prune young trees- doesn't create a useful response and is stimulating of more rank growth of which Asian pears tend to provide more than their share. It is precisely the wrong thing to do if you want the tree to begin hardening off.

A tree that is establishing can't grow too much in a season, IMO- the sooner it fills the space you want for it the better- if it gets a bit too tall during the growing season you can always bring it down later.

Tip pruning is something I do when trying to develop secondary and tertiary branching off of scaffolds in excessively lanky trees. Best results are acquired if you begin this in spring.

I'd let the tree grow to help it feed its wood and root system but maybe spread my permanent branches to a more horizontal position now. Eliminate the excess branches when tree is dormant.

So now you have conflicting advice from two experts. Obviously there is more than one road to Rome.

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I was afraid I will get 2 opposites expert opinions!
Back to thinking again....

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