Rookie blueberry question (red leaves)

rwr_tdyJuly 31, 2014

Recently I got the blueberry growing bug and now have four Peach Sorbet BrazelBerry bushes. The new growth is coming green and red and I'm trying to figure out what the deal is. Also, I'm assuming the white stuff on the leaves is some kind of fungus.

- They were transplanted about a month ago
- I've used Miracle gro for azaleas
- I typically water with coffee/apple cider concoction
- They get sun most of the day

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I think Peach Sorbet BrazelBerry is a hybrid Blueberry developed by Fall Creek Nursery.I took a look at other photos online and they look somewhat like the ones in your picture,so maybe that's the way new leaves come out.
The white stuff on the surface could be minerals from irrigation.Will it wash off with straight water? Brady

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It is common for blueberry leaves to emerge in varying shades of red, brown, and green. I think it has to do with the development of the chlorophyll, and the ability of the roots to take up and transport nutrients from the soil. Sometimes this is an issue in the early spring, when soil temperature is low. The problem usually goes away in 30 days or so. It helps to have abundant wood fiber in the soil, to feed the fungi that inhabit the root system. It helps to have the soil pH down around 4.5, and it helps to keep the shrubs well watered.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

In 8 weeks they'll be as green as the others. The other leaves look healthy and there's no reason to expect these won't be either.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I do experience this at times, but most of the time new growth on my plants is never red. It's an indicator, nothing may be wrong, then again conditions are not ideal.

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Everyone thanks for the great inputs they were extremely helpful.

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I know that my response is coming late, but just in case you are still concerned- the red and green coloring of the new growth is normal for the Peach Sorbet cultivar. The variety is known for that ornamental trait.

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Agreed with Gryffin, some varieties have this trait. Its an ornamental thing. Sunshine Blue and Bountiful Blue will exhibit the same differing colors on new growth. No worries.

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