What to do?! Indoor Strawberries with brown leaves

LaserCatJuly 7, 2012


First off I'm new to these forums so it's nice to meet everyone! It seems like this is a very knowledgeable community!

I've been having these problems with my indoor strawberries for months now and I've been searching the internet with no avail, so I finally decided to come here to ask for help. I have searched the forums but It seems like most relevant posts are for strawberries grown in the garden.

In any case, I've been growing strawberries in a window box in my apartment since the spring but my plants are plagued constantly with brown leaves, first starting at the tips and moving inward and eventually drying up completely. =( It's been getting worse as the weeks go by so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. The conditions are as follows

-- Window box 6 inches wide and 7 inches deep in a west facing window (Ozark, and Allstar varieties planted) In organic potting soil

--Hanging baskets with seedlings (Alpine variety) in the same window

--Zone 7a (It's been hot here, in the 100s) Plants get 6 hours on sunlight in the afternoon. but inside.

-- Watered when I feel as if the soil is dry (sticking finger into soil) Sometimes I extra water if I know the day will be really hot

--Used a mix of Espoma potting soil and Miracle Grow Organic soil (miracle grow soil spawned fungus gnats for weeks, was impossible to get rid of)

-- I rotate the window box every week or so so each side gets sunlight

-- fertilized with garden tone twice since the spring this year (light sprinkling)

Below are pictures! Many thanks in advance, I've tried to find a solution but I can't think of how they would get diseased indoors, the only I thing I can think is maybe the fungus gnats did something or maybe I am over or under watering. Thanks again everyone, any help is much appreciated!

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howelbama(7 NJ)


If you are looking to keep those guys containers long term, I would consider repotting them into something like the gritty mix which is discussed in detail over on the container gardening forum.

Make sure you aren't keeping them too close to the window as that could cause them to burn... They could also probably benefit from some added humidity being indoors.

I have linked to an excellent post from one of the container gurus on these forums, at the bottom of his article there is also a link on fertilizing containerized plants. Follow the guidelines in those posts, and your pants will thrive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Good stuff

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Thanks so much I will definitely have to try new mix. I didn't realize that there was a container gardening forum (which now I know exists =) It probably would have made more sense to post over there. Thanks again!

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howelbama(7 NJ)

No problem, and good luck :)

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