asian pear growth??

macmanmatty2(8b)July 20, 2012

am looking for people with experience with asian pears on pyrus calleryana. I have lots of asian pears on pyrus calleryana But they never grow hardly any at all. I have some that are four years old and all they have ever done is leafed out each year. Never grown more than 2" the whole I have had them. One these varieties is yakumo and still living the others died of fireblight. I am trying figure out why my asians are not growing. I have euros on the same stock that are 8+ ft tall and very good looking with lots of lateral limbs. We get between 800-1100 utah chilling hours So I am not sure that chill is my problem but it could be part of it. Also I have a somewhat high water table at times of the year but again the euros still grow fine at these times of the year and the asians don't. What is causing my asians not to grow. they grow fine the first and sometimes the second year but then after that nothing.

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I haven't had good luck with Asian pears on any rootstock except for OHxF. Any other I have tried has produced weak, poor growth. I tried 3 or 4 trees on P. betulafolia and all died within about 3 years.

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also my soil ph is 5.5 is this too low for pears? i have read that they like between 6.0-6.5

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bhawkins(8A Dallas)

I planted in Feb 2010 a 20'th century, Atago, Hosui, Chojuro, Shinko, Tsu Li, & Ya Li, all on calleryana. I also planted some keiffers, garfber, monterrey, moonglow, green jade, etc, also on Callery; as well as some other pears on OHF97, Quince, & Pear

I've been summer pruning to 6 ft, so I cant say exactly what growth would have been. All my pears grew 3-6 ft in 2010; & then slowed down in 2011, though with the record heat & draught, I was happy to keep everything alive.

The Ya Li died the first year, I dont know why. The Chojuro died of fire blight, I replaced it with another Chojuro, which also died of fire blight.

The 20'th Century, Atago, & Tsu Li look great. The Hosui & Shinko are looking kinda puny but are ok.

Texas A&M recommends Callery for Asian pears, should be ok....i hope.

I know 3 years isnt really enought to answer your question. Hopefully Scaper see's this thread, I believe he has lots of experience with asian pears & calleryana.

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