blackberrys drying up before ripening

mrsackadmer(5b)July 7, 2012

SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP My blackberrys are absolutely loaded this year, sooooo excited. For the last 8 days we have had over 100 degrees beating down sun, and my blackberrys are starting to ripen. Unfortunately they are drying up and srivilling up and dying even the leaves. I am watering but what can I do. I am afraid I will loose the entire crop.

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My raspberries get sunburned, so I have an old sheet I throw over them if it's going to be too hot for them. They seem to like it, maybe your blackberries will too. My best blacks grow in partial shade.

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The trick was to have the plants very well-watered when the hot spell was forecast and not here yet. Shade cloth may have helped.

Wild blackberry patches that don't get watered often have shriveled crops due to extreme hot weather.

How many years have you had the berry plants?

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