My neighbors must think I'm insane

CaraRoseJuly 22, 2014

So my attempt at saving my blackberries from SWD this year is to do this--

To ever berry cluster. For once I'm thankful I only have three blackberry plants. LOL

I don't know for sure if it'll work or even if that fabric is fine enough. Summer weight fabric from But desperate times and all that though... I want my blackberries!

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I think it will work! keep us updated. Looks like something one could use to save seeds, make sure they self pollinate and not get pollen from other flowers.

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I do that with trees susceptible to the Japanese beetles.

On one episode of the Homeland show, I noticed entire trees netted against some pest, possibly periodic cicadas. So people have seen this kind of thing before.

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At first there is an ick factor, but after awhile karma comes along and I eat them now , because those ripe berries are the best tasting, whether maggot infested or not.

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Good luck with your method of stopping SWD. We had them in our raspberries last summer, and I cut the patch down when the infestation got severe, to stop them from reproducing. Then we had a very cold and long winter, and this year, so far, no SWD in the raspberry patch! I am keeping my fingers crossed...

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Don't worry about the neighbors, several years ago I put sockies on all of my peaches and it rained shortly thereafter making the sockies hang down. It wasn't long before I heard it, "your tree looks like it has condoms all over it". Well, from a distance the tree did look that way, didn't other me a bit. The peaches filled up the sockies in time.

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