Hardy Kiwis not looking so good

SoulfireJuly 11, 2013

I bought these plants about 2 months ago, not sure how old they are. However, judging by the size and how prolific they are supposed to be, I'd say a year. Regardless, since about 2 weeks ago they've begun looking like this. We did get a ton of rain in June, but it's been very dry the past week, plenty of sun. Can someone tell me why they are looking so peakish? I last watered them Sunday. Thanks everyone! This is a picture of the female.

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Here is a picture of the male.

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My guess would be too much sun. Hardy kiwi enjoy some shade the first couple of years while they are getting established. Try shading them from the hottest sun and make sure they are well watered. Good luck.

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I will second that. My issai seems to really like being shaded thoughout the hottest part of the day. The arctic beauty seems a bit less worrisome.

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I doubt that too much sun is the issue. My hardy kiwis are constantly in the sun and do not suffer. Mine are mulched and get plenty of water. Your soil in the picture does not look good. If I were you, I would remove them by taking out a good sized root ball and dig out a large hole about twice the size and depth of the root ball and put in good topsoil prior to replacing the plant. Surround it with good mulch and keep it watered and see what happens.

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Maybe all of the above. Mine are around 4 years old and the ones in full sun still exhibit very significant leaf curling no matter the moisture level in the soil. As far as the yellowing goes it looks like a lack of nutrition to me. Be very careful with the fertilizer though as they are very sensitive which is funny because they love fertilizer. I use Nelsons Nutristar for Citrus and Avacado, I haven't tried to many but it works well for me.

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I believe that they require soil similar to clematis. As long as the soil is kept cool (shade from plants, deep mulch etc) they should be ok. Its been a few weeks for mine and its taken off! It has a big potted palm in front of it.

I think keeping their feet in the shade (cool) and their heads in the sun works, at least up here

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danzeb(7a long island)

Mine were started in May. They were about 9 inches when planted. After two weeks I fertilized with liquid fertilizer and did it again after another two weeks. They only get partial (dappled) sun. They get watered regularly. I will not fertilize again until next year. The female is now 6 ft and growing vigorously. The male is almost 3 ft and growing slower. Next year they will get more sun.


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