Triple Crown b-berry pic - 4 plants from the untamed side!!!

jo1991July 16, 2012

Here is picture of my nightmares.....

This is a photo of 4 triple crown let me remind you - one month ago my u-pick season began - all plants were tied, pruned, very month later, plus a wind storm, plus irrigation and one inch of rain this is what I see as I look down my rows....these are plants that have not had this years spent plants removed -they still are producing a little bit. They are also needing topped again, as well as some of the laterals trimmed to around the 30" mark. I really wanted to go ahead and trim the laterals since I am out there anyway to the 24" recommended length for laterals - but I was sure there was a reason you are to do it during the I asked one of the universities as to the "why" cant I do it was the answer.

When you have damage to your plants over the winter, the damage occurs from the end going inwards toward the if I lopped them all off now to the length that I wanted in the spring, if I had any damage at all to my laterals - I would have possibly cosiderable berry loss, as I have trimmed all of my "excess" already, I was told I could keep them "managable" at the 30-32" length for now.......


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The university was right in this case. Any freezing or blighting would start on the ends of the pruned laterals. If I did summer lateral pruning of triple crowns here (zone 8), the laterals would just form more laterals--you might end up with even more linear feet of plant.

What is the maximum crop weight you could sell?

You got 400 pounds off 1800 feet of row this year, that is less than 4 ounces per foot, of course the planting is still very young, and there was weather damage.

I can easily get 5 pounds per foot in my mature home garden patch. That is AFTER pruning off almost half of all the total lateral length and throwing it away.

So 10 pounds per foot should be feasible, that would be 18,000 pounds of berries under good conditions. U-picks around here are charging around $2/pound.

If you don't think that many would sell, start with removing all laterals that are going the wrong direction for a u-pick patch (perpendicular to the row)(u-pickers might break/stomp a lot of them anyway)(they are too stiff to maneuver down the wires without breaking at the main cane).

Your plants are at 6-foot spacing, so prune the parallel-to-row laterals at several feet, they may overlap from adjacent plants. Much easier to train. Wrong-way laterals can be broken off when very young (with longer laterals you gain back some production lost to the discarded laterals).

For triple crowns, the tautness of the top wire is key. 25-foot support spacing may be too long.

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