Dryer vent pipe for chipmunks and squirrels protection.

sunny_orchard(7A_VA)July 2, 2013


My 4 yr old asian pears finally is loaded with fruits. After I thin them I was expecting a good harvest. Sadly, my 80 pears was stripped down to 15 pears in 2 days. They also got all my plums. My friend told me to get dryer vent pipes and wrap it around the trunk so they can't climb. His trees are stil loaded with fruits. He has 2-3 ft vent pipes on all the trunk. Has anyone tried this method? Does it work? What are your ways to protect your fruits from these criters? I have shot many but it never end.


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megamav(5a - NY)

Ive read that disguising the fruit as something else will discourage them from getting your fruit.

I investigated on the internet, and someone that grew tomatoes used these bags and it worked wonders in fooling the squirrels and it allows air and light to pass thru.

If you can find them in size small, it would be the right size for 1 fruit cluster.

I bought them in medium size a year ago, and they're a little long.


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alan haigh

I use metal and duct pipe should has worked well- probably more reliably than stapling roofing coil directly to the trunk. You must make sure that the squirrels can't climb between the pipe and the trunk- they don't need much space. They can jump from prostrate on the trunk over 2' and over 4' from the ground if they are as athletic as my squirrels.

Crows sometimes will knock Asian pears off the tree as well. I use loosely drooping netting to prevent that (crows aren't as agile as other birds). Not suggesting you do it preemptively however- crows are everywhere but only do this at some sites.

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I wrapped my 40 fruits that was left the night before in aluminum foil. Thinking it might tricked them for 1 day before I get some metal pipe. I was just making it it pretty for them. I came out the next day with 2 metal vent pipe and the found many unwrapped foil on the ground. Crossing my finger hoping those vent pipe works. I'll find out once i get home from work.

I do see crows as well. Good to know how to deal with them.

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Dryer vent pipe is corrugated. I'd think squirrels could climb it with ease.

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Well it stopped the chipmunk but didn't stop the squirrels. I lost 5 more pears today. Which is nothing compare to the 20+/day i lost for 2 days. These are 2'. I think 3' or 4' will stop the squirrels as well.

Is this the same pipe you use harvestman? It's a 3' dryer vent pipe for $4.99 at home depot. This hobby suppose to be relaxing. I am hating nature right now. lol

This is what I have:

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alan haigh

Yes, and you will need at least 2 more feet. I train my own trees specifically for the task. No low branches.

With roofing coil you have a bit more flexibility and can create cones for lower fairly upright branches. Your tree has an almost co-dominant leader so narrow I guess you can fit the pipe around both. You might want to favor the dominant upright and gradually remove the other.

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