Balaton cherry?

spartan-appleJuly 26, 2013

Anyone have experience growing Balaton cherry? My
family enjoyed picking Balaton at a friend's commercial
orchard a few years ago so I purchased one bare-root
from Stark Nursery.

After waiting 5 years for it to fruit, it finally bore very well
this year. The cherries are ok but not what I recall for
Balaton. They are juicy, yellow fleshed and very lite pink/red skin color.

The Balaton at my friend's orchard were almost purple
skin color, dark fleshed and quite sweet for a tart cherry.

I thought Balaton was a morello type cherry? Just wondering if I have been sent the wrong tree by Stark Nursery.

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I have a Seckel pear that was supposed to be a Honeysweet from Starks. It happens. Took 7 years to find out, too.

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Likely wrong tree sorry to hear. You have a Montmorency or one of its amarelle pink skin yellow fleshed brothers like Early Richmond, Meteor...

The 3 common Hungarian cherries available here are supposed to be dark skinned (real dark purple basically black like a Bing) and dark fleshed morellos-whole reason I was interested in them in the first place. Danube I know for a fact since I'm growing it is dark fleshed and has the sweet-tart balance. The Hungarians are supposed to all be very similar in flavor and in general... so I went with Danube because it was the only Hungarian I could find on Gisela 5 (this way you won't have to wait 5 years either, 2-3 seasons will start giving you microcrops.) Available at Raintree. Only issue with it is is productivity--blooms set pretty shyly is the reputation. Time will tell for me on its production. So far in its 2nd season yes I notice the limited fruit set... but am hoping/suspecting it will be reasonable production once a bit older.

English Morello is also a fantastic dark fleshed morello also available on Gisela 5 at Raintree. The fruit seems a tad smaller than Danube but no problems with production--only thing with that is the tree itself doesn't grow much... pretty small guy. So far English Morello is my winner until Danube starts giving me more fruit then they'll probably be tied.

Northstar also perhaps a tad easier to grow than these. No production or small tree size issues (even though it's a natural dwarf, English Morello is an extreme natural dwarf) I'm not sure if Northstar flavor and darkness inside and out of fruit is as intense as these two though... Mine got chewed up bad by deer so still waiting.

Attached is English Morello harvest. A+.

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