Triple Crown b-berries - 4 plants that have been 'tamed'

jo1991July 16, 2012

Ok - this is what I want all of my plants to look like!! Where is a genie when you need one!!!!!!

This is a picture of 4 Triple Crowns that have had most of their spent foliage removed (you can see I left a bit on the first plant, as there are still berries ripening) - all have been re-pruned, tips re-cut, any laterals over 36" trimmed back a bit - no laterals have been tied at this time - I am still debating about what I am going to do on that route.....I am keeping them all 30-36" - and then this winter trim back to the 24" - so for right now going to keep watch on them and see if I loose any to breakage (an ice storm would do them in if left untied) - I just don't know right now what to do......


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Oops - picture didn't get attached - sorry!

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

What your zone and state please.

You need V trellis bad driving T post in ground at angle put 2 feet apart so put end post at center foot and with post driver pound in ground this give angle if drive 2 in ground same place this give V style trills. And take out center light pole on 200 foot row. The wire on V trellis each side row hold up limbs no tiring needed. Prune tops out cane so limbs form above wire and rest on wire by weight of foliage and weight berries tip any laterals (limbs) so want grow to ground when tip lateral it grow more lateral on that 1st lateral this give higher berry production off 1st lateral. This all less work for you in future you prune row in 20 minutes 200 feet long.

You need a single side hedge trimmer gas powered the one with 2 inches between teeth these trimmer prune as fast as you can run on blackberries. So what kind ride on equipment do have like side by side Kawasaki mule are other types. Tractors like name brand model number I tell how prune blackberries setting down and driving with gas powered trimmer above.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


I like the idea of trellising blackberries with T-posts running one each side of the row and just letting the wires hold up the canes. I've tied canes to wires and it just takes too much time for me.

The question I have is what is the advantage of slanting the T-posts versus just pounding the T-posts straight in the ground. I've seen a setup where the T-posts were pounded straight in the ground on each side of the blackberries. He then stretched baling twine (instead of wires) and attached it to the T-posts. It seemed to do a good job of keeping the canes from blowing over and seemed quick and cheap to install and he didn't have to tie any canes.

I think his setup was very similar to what you are describing, but I'm having difficulty visualizing why slanting the T-posts to make a V would be any advantage over pounding the T-posts so they're plumb.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Slating T post put post inline with row this allow mowing closer to plants in row that one reason. next when go to cut old canes out they are easier to remove. Next on first year plants are smaller so wire can be lower and closer to ground to support half size plant. The growth of plant will show need to move wire up slanted T post on Triple crown are Chickasaw blackberry plant vegetation fast growing first move wire be just below white paint on top post tie wire on end post up wood post this allow slack as move wire up T post also wrap 3 wraps so give slack to wire. Wire will tighten as moves up slanted T post when I speech of tighten just take slack out wire with bull nose pliers by hand.

On backyard planting any system work are small plot like use at university when get 200 ft. and above row length V trellis workable.
Watching adult plant needs and mowing spraying and pruning give V trellis best ideal. Cost very cheap design.

I had up to 800 ft. blackberry rows with one 6 inch tread post on each end and slanted T-post every 30 ft. one high tensile #12 on each row side plants where Chickasaw grow to 16 ft wide all berries on and over wire it was a blackberry fruit wall. On 5 acres picked 52,000 lbs. first year after plant where in ground for 17 months berries on receipt from Michigan berry growers Association. V-trellis support all weight perfectly wind before thunder storm plant lift up give big wave and settle back down I wave back lol.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


I suppose it's not any harder to place T-posts at a slant and there do seem to be some advantages to doing so. Thanks for the input.

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Hi there

What you are describing sounds like something I have been thinking about. What I am trying to avoid is doubling the number of t post which is what I am visioning if I am understanding you correctly. I am most certain that having double wire to hold the plants would be awesome and truly lower my workload...I do see how the slant would allow for easier plant removal. Am I understanding you correctly that you only had one set of wires at the top of the posts? I would have to run some numbers to see what I thought about weight load for the monofilament....I put 3 wires in based on Max production for t crown @ 30pounds per plant and plant weight I think it was 70 pounds...which both I think r high number estimates. So I wouldnt have to reset all of my installed tposts....what about just adding another set at an angle? That might work????? I really don't want that expense....but might just have to....I was contemplating putting 6 inch extentions on both sides of each tpost for holding two parrellel wires one ft wide .....don't know if that might work or not??

a for the plants....

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What is the best kind of wire to use to hold up blackberries? Thanks Mrs. G

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Yes one wire at top of each V post I used # 12 high tensile wire it hold 170,000 pounds some will hold 200,000 pounds but 170,000 more common. Put your T-post 30 feet apart in V this save some Doubling. After large rain you wobble T-post they come right up so set as V no cross arms you may need spreader at end row near poles not on pole up wire few feet for first plant.

If use wire you have now you can cross tie wire to wire to stop bulging between post as many times as need this save more post in row you go with longer distance between V post by cross tiring wire like 40 feet this same buying more post.

Below is true T-post 6 1/2 foot I used 3,000 these when was 1.90 a piece 200 per bundle.

Here link to wire I used 12 1/2 gauge 4,000 ft for 89.99

you need spread on top wire of at least 30 inch so plant grow in center between wire put plants between two wires is bad job let grow there the slanted T-post give right distance if drive post in by standing cross center of row put in goes in ground at center your two feet and drive post out from row.

Here is a link that might be useful: T-post at tractor supply

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

I use green vinyl coated wire. Strong, and blends in nicely with my background woods.

Here is a link that might be useful: green vinyl coated wire

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Hi all
thanks Gator for all of your input I appreciate it. Here is what I have came up with. Brackets r ordered for my tposts.....24inch brackets for my top wires and 12 inch brackets for the bottom wires. I just cant go the 30 inches with my setup.....I will post picture of my trellis once I get the brackets on and wires connected to show the new v trellis version!!!!

Thanks!!! Jo1991

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