Blossom end webbing on blueberries?

fireweed22July 21, 2013

I've found a number of blueberries with their blossom ends neatly stuffed with white cottony webbing.
Google search of images didn't come up with this one.
I'm imagining either spider or caterpillar of some kind?
Any guesses? Is this common? It is less than 1/100 berries but would like it to be 0. Thanks.

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look up spider mites , that would be my guess

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I see this on some of our blueberries. The berry itself is in good condition. I figure that the webbing is edible, so that would be a high protein blueberry.

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Yummmm. How can I get some of these cob webs?

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Solves the problem of flossing afterwards...

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Well it doesn't seem to be spider mites, much whiter and very localized to the blossom end "crater". But yes, it doesn't affect the berry in any other way.

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