Raspberry cane problems

anitaw(7 GA)July 3, 2013

I have everbearing raspberries that I cut to the ground last winter. This year I have a huge bear spot with no canes at all. About 1/2 of my canes are 2-3 feet tall, but many are only about 12 inches high and already making fruit. I just checked the ph in 9 different areas of my patch. It seems that the taller canes have a ph between 6.5 and 7.0. The bear spots are at 6.0. I use 10-10-10 fertilizer on them in the spring. They are not mulched. I keep reading about canes growing to 6 feet tall. Why are my canes so short and why am I missing canes from the bare spots? Help. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks, Anita

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Is this an old bush? I don't know much about chemical use, except it seems many people come here for help who have harmed their plants with too much or wrong timing.

my raspberries are Heritage. I put a little compost on top of the ground every year or two and that is it. I have never checked the PH or done a soil test and my bush is a berry making machine. I have to dig out canes each spring to keep it in check.

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We have Heritage everbearing red raspberries, and our canes are up to 4-6 feet now. They are just beginning to bear ripe fruit, flowering began a few weeks ago. The patch is in heavy clay soil, that gets morning sun, and afternoon shade. I mulch the patch with shredded tree leaves in the fall, to a depth of about 6 inches. I rarely apply fertilizer, and only apply water during a drought. Raspberries grow wild on the Korean peninsula, where it gets pretty cold in the winter. They seem to thrive in our local soil and climate. Beyond that, I don't know why they grow well in our yard.

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