Can I thin out my garden

BobbyBucheaJuly 16, 2013

I'm curious what I need to do or if it's possible to thin out my garden by moving 3 rooted and vining watermelon plants and possibly some cantaloupe plants. It is the first year for my step son and me to have a garden because I'm a newly wed. After planting, I have come to realize that we need more room for the plants to grow. I was also told that due to the watermelon being beside the cucumbers; it is possible for them to end up tasting similar to cucumbers. Any help and/or information is greatly appreciated. We started with a spot the size of the cab of a truck, I've now tilled up approximately a 60 by 60 square. I'm about to till another 30 foot section for pumpkins and a small section for dill weed. I'll post pictures when I can.

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No, you can't move vining cucurbits. It will kill them. If you have too many, you can remove some. What you can also do is plant seeds of news ones in your additional plot. In your zone, this could be possible.

There is no way your watermelon will end up tasting like cucumbers.

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So as long as I keep them watered well and add some fertilizer they should all be fine? I've spread out the rest into well defined rows where I've planted mustard greens and spinach.

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I have expanded from the little green patch on the left to this tilled and planted spot. I'm hoping to till and plant pumpkins behind what is currently tilled.

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My own belief is that, within reason, yield depends more on square footage than numbers of plants. So each plant will bear fewer fruits and they'll likely be smaller, but the area will produce about the same quantity of fruit.

I can't tell how many plants you have out there. There's a point where all the plants will be stunted if too crowded. If you're worried, best thing would be to cut some of the plants out at the stem. Don't pull them, if the roots are entangled, it'll hurt the plants you're keeping.

And be advised that pumpkins take a LOT more room than melons.

The vegetable forum, btw, has a lot more people who can chime in on this question.

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