Few blackberry canes

anitaw(7 GA)July 3, 2013

Several years ago I planted 5 thornless blackberry plants. Last year I noticed that I stopped getting new canes on 2 of them, so I have no blackberries from those 2 plants. This year there is only 1 cane from a third plant and still nothing from the 2. My other 2 plants have about 15 new canes each. I have bent 3 of those canes and planted the tips where I have no new growth. The ph on the two doing well is 6.5. Where there is no growth 5.5-6.0. I use 10-10-10 fertilizer and they are not mulched. Any suggestions?

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Mulch. BLackberries like a little higher PH than 5.5. They also need more water in general than other cane plants. In general you should be using Fertilizer at least 2 times per year if not 3. Just no fertilizer after the 3rd week in July or so. (Miracle Grow) You dont want them to put on too much growth before fall hits.

Could those few plants be on the end of a row that maybe receives more sun??

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anitaw(7 GA)

One of the plants that had no new canes last year were being heavily shaded by a large fig bush. I cut it back so that it no longer is shading them. The two plants that are doing well are directly over the septic tank, so they are getting fertilized year round. Are you saying that even though the plants are currently making fruit it is okay to fertilize now? You mentioned Miracle Grow. Do you mean liquid fertilizer?

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