what is wrong with my grape vine

boyzJuly 25, 2013

Hello! I planted 8 grape vines last spring (2012). I left them alone the first year. This year I have started pruning them and 6 of the 8 look great! However, I have 2 that look like this. They are growing very slowly and the leaves are almost all yellow. Only a few of the older leaves are dark green. I'm not sure what is wrong.

I haven't fertilized. They are on a drip system and I have checked the soil and they are getting plenty of water. The other vines which are on the same drip system look just fine. Any ideas what could be going on?


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

That's iron deficiency. On calcareous soil being too wet can cause that. Check your irrigation system.

They'll do better with infrequent deep watering rather than some every day or two. Try once a week.

If once a week is where you're at then apply one of the iron products.

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My grapes have done that before and like fruitnut said it is iron. I use ironite. To make a quick application I add 1/2 cup of the stuff to a 5gal. bucket of water, let sit over night, stir and pour around the drip line. You might want to pull the rock of their roots so you can keep an eye on the soil for watering, also you could be cooking the small roots, rocks are hot. Don't get the leaves wet when watering, try keeping those dry.

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