Your experience with BrazelBerrie Raspberry Shortcake

maritad(z6b Toronto)July 24, 2013

Dwarf floricane raspberry "Raspberry Shortcake" is a new release in North America; and will take some time to make its way across Canada. I am curious as to whether it is worth buying next year (it sold out in Toronto fairly quickly). How is it doing so far, this season?

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I've had one for 4 months or so in a container. It grows well enough although the amount of dead leaves/canes in the interior is more than I expected - lots of clearing out to do. New growth keeps the plant the same size. Berry production has been very low so far...might have to acidify the soil? All in all a pretty stout plant.

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I've been a cooperating trialist, in the past, for the folks at Fall Creek Nursery, who developed the 'BrazelBerry' varieties, and understand the years of investment in bringing forward a new variety of fruiting plants... but there is NO way in lleh that I'm gonna pay $30-$50 for a raspberry or blueberry plant; especially not a 'dwarf' one.
$3-$5, sure - but $30+? Nope, not gonna do it.

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HeyJude2012(10b/24 San Diego)

I bought one and ended up taking it back. It grew beautiful big berries that had a very blah taste almost sour. My other raspberries taste wonderful so I don't think it was anything I did or didn't do correctly. It was a beautiful bush.

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