blueberry question

Lynn NevinsJuly 3, 2012

Hi all! So I was thinking of trying to grow blueberries on my balcony. I understand that blueberries do best with cross-pollination. I don't totally understand how cross-pollination works....should I get two pots of the same variety blueberry, or is it better to get two pots that each hold a different variety of blueberry?

Also, if I keep these plants in one gallon pots, after 2-3 years of growth, how many blueberries do you think I can expect...enough to fill a few standard blueberry containers? Once the blueberries are picked, will a new crop of berries grow on the same stems? Or once the berries are produced and then picked, is that it?

I understand that blueberry plants also give nice flowers in the Spring, and vivid leaf color in the Fall, so it seems to me that having blueberries is a win/win/win. You get flowers, then the berries, and then beautiful foliage! ;-)

Btw, some varieties I am considering are Patriot, Liberty and Earliblue.


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Two different kinds that bloom at the same time.

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I think keeping them in a one gallon pot will limit their growth. I have them in a 5 or 7 gallon container and they gave me about 500 berries this year (2 plants). I just bought another one and i'm going to put it in a bigger container too.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

There are a lot of great posts on container berries on this forum. As far as half-high berries, the smaller Northblue is a good choice. Even Northland, Patriot if you wanted the potential for a bigger plant. Liberty is really late and not as self fertile as Elliott of Bluecrop.

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One gallon containers are way to small, even for lowbush varieties. Agree that 5-7 gallons is more appropriate for most varieties.

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One note. Blueberries tend to spread roots horizontally rather then vertically. Make sure your containers are wide, rather then deep.

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Lynn Nevins

Thanks Capoman. Do you think a 23" x 6" windowbox would be best, to allow for the roots to spread? Otherwise due to my space limitations I could probably only put the plant in a 10" or so round pot....


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There are dwarf varieties that may work for your situation yippee,like Tophat,Northsky or Northblue. Brady

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