mrsg47(7)July 9, 2012

Ok the summer season has been hot, the winter warm and spring was warm as well (except for a few days of unexpected freeze). I have tons of bumblebees this summer and mason bees. I have not seen a single honey bee as of yet and it is July. My lavender plants which they all love are a mininimum of three to four feet in diameter. Where are they? Mrs. G

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If you have Bumblebees I wouldnt worry about not seeing honey bees. Bumbles are superior pollinators due to all the fine hairs across their body that help carry pollen.

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I was just thinking of posting re bees. I just watched a leaf cutter bee take that half circle out of a leaf. They are fast cutters. The flight physics must not have been to good he crashed after take off. Left his leaf piece and came back to cut another one.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Yeah, bee happy with the bumble bees. I am happy to report that we have plenty of honey bees working over our melon plants and the clover in everyones yard. I have almost given up hand pollinating. The bees are doing a better job. Actually, my 5 yo son got stung by one 2 days ago. He must have stepped on it.

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Thanks all, sorry about the bee sting Ed. I think its a childhood right of passage. I'll be happy with my bumbles. I just like the sight of honey bees in the garden. I am so afraid my tree spraying is affecting them.

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Here in Madison, Wisconsin, I am growing both blueberries and various native flowers in our yard. We have both bumblebees and honeybees in considerable numbers. Keeping honeybees has turned into a popular hobby around here, so that might contribute to the numbers.

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