How to prune this grape vine?

schoolhouse_gwJuly 22, 2014

This ancient grape vine took a beating this winter. It appeared dead, I made up my mind to cut it down but kept putting it off for sentimental reasons I guess. But suddenly the other day I notice new growth! Can you tell by the photos how I should proceed with pruning? Should I wait until possible more new growth appears? Cut off all the top of the vine on the arbor? they certainly look like toast. The green foliage at the bottom of the pic(s) is phlox planted nearby. There is no new grape vine foliage at the bottom. Thanks.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Leave it alone for now. Next spring cut off all the dead and keep the strongest live canes that grew this yr to make a new vine. Those new shoots a few ft off the ground look like the best to keep.

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Thank you. I will take your advice and not do any cutting until next Spring.

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