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pezzuti9(z5 PA)July 13, 2012

Hello, I have a Meader Persimmon tree that is now 11 years old. Last year it produced its first crop -- 8 persimmons. I got to eat one and the squirrels got the rest. I had help obtaining scions of other American varieties from Lucky and England. All total I grafted 12 of those scions on to the tree. Eleven took and grew very well all summer. The next season after the winter only one graft survived. I was sorry that I did not label the scions after grafting.

Last year the tree was 10 years old and I was disappointed that it only produced 8 fruits. This is the 11th year and I count 12 persimmons like shown in the photo below.

I had it do you think I should just cut it down and replace it with another type? What would you do? Thanks for any advice. One more thing I have planted 4 other different persimmon trees in my yard but they are rather young yet.


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Well, personally, I think it's just about at the phase it's ready to start bearing significant crops. I wish I could remember more about how my Meader began to bear, at what age, how big the first crops were, but I really can't remember anything, it's been in-ground for about 20 years or a little more now. My overall impression of your photo was "well, it's just about the size it will start giving good crops."

But, do you know what the problem is? Just not blooming? Blooming but not setting fruit? Fruit appearing to set but then dropping a month later? Any ideas what is going on with it?

Well,before you get out the old saw, at least wait and see what some of the real persimmon experts on here have to say. My experience with them is limited to my few trees and attempts over the years. And honestly, I know they exist, but I can't say as I have EVER seen another persimmon tree, wild or cultivated, in Michigan other than the ones in my yard.

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pezzuti9(z5 PA)

denninmi ,
I should have stated that the tree is full of blossoms but as far as I can tell from what I learned from Lucky they are all female. Now that I am getting a few fruits I'm not sure if they are being pollinated from the same tree or not. The one branch that I wrote that I grated was also loaded with flowers this spring. They look the same as all the other flower I could see.

The closest persimmon tree that I know of is the same type but is growing around 4 miles from me and his tree is not as old as mine but it's loaded with fruit every year. On my tree I am seeing that the fruit is growing on two of the lower branches and nothing growing higher. All the flowers up there just fall off.

It's not a bad looking tree and I even applied fertilizer this spring. It was a type with a small percentage
of nitrogen. I even applied some magnesium this spring. The one fruit I ate last year was delicious!!!


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