Small black bug eating my strawberries

lsohJuly 2, 2013

A little black bug is eating my strawberries. I think it's a beetle, but it's small and all black and difficult for me to see enough detail to be sure.

My strawberries are finished for the year. Can I dent the bug population for next year by spraying it now? If so, what spray would you suggest?


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Could be sap beetles.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

That's my thought also.
If so, the fruit is over-ripe and/or was damaged previously.

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how do you get rid of sap beetles, i may have those on my raspberries.

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I googled "sap beetle". Could be correct. Although many of the pictures showed spots (some didn't), and these tiny beetles appear to be all black.

Yes, many of my strawberries were damaged. I lost probably 1/2 my strawberries. Don't remember this kind of damage before, but many of the strawberries looked soft, mushy, and sort of faded, like they had been floating in a bucket of water for a couple of days. NOT gray mold. But we had torrents of rain throughout June. 3rd most rain on record in over 100 years. I'm guessing they looked like they were soaked in a bucket of water because they pretty much were.

Now that I've finished picking strawberries, is there anything I can do now to diminish the bug population for next year, without poisoning next year's berries?


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Spraying now shouldn't affect next year's berries. This is a good time to do such stuff, when renovating your bed.

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The adult beetles won't be hanging around a post-harvest strawberry patch; they will go to other food sources, unless there are damaged strawberries still on the soil.
gives lifestyle, control, etc.

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Any suggestions on what spray to use?

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