guatejoJuly 27, 2013

I always wondered why everyone on the forum had problems with squirrels in their apple trees. For forty years of having apples, I've never hade the problem. There have always been squirrels around especially in the bird feeders. The feeders were taken down last year because the squirrels were getting into the partition of the house. My apple tree was loaded this year grafted with two types. Two days ago, a red squirrel goes hopping by with an apple and yesterday a gray was caught going up a pine tree with an apple. They've taken every one of probably 50 of the yellow variety and are probably waiting for the northern spy to get a little riper. I've ordered 2 havahart traps and 2 snap-e rat traps. Hope I get them before I lose the rest of the apples. Hope the traps work!

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The squirrels here were breeding like rats over the winter. Then the young hawks showed up on their training flights.

Suddenly, no squirrels in sight.

They're creeping back out now, though, now that the hawks have moved on. I'd like more hawks.

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alan haigh

You'll need a stronger spring trap for gray squirrels but many have success trapping them in live traps. Drown them and they die very quickly without much suffering, it seems.

Usually they don't bother my apples either- go for stonefruit and pears instead. They tend to favor early apples and N. Spy might be too acidic for them. Depends on how desperate they are.

Last year they did go for my Jonagolds quite early as well as Honeycrisps, of course. This year they are absolutely no issue, so far.

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