New Blackberry canes blooming

Fred_1933(7b)July 13, 2013

Something strange is taking place with my "New" canes on my Natchezs, Apache, and Triple Crown blackberry plants. They are blooming. These are the new canes that came up this past few weeks and blooming like crazy.

I know this isn't normal, and from the new blooms that means no berries in 2014.

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Our everbearing red raspberries, Heritage cultivar, can flower and set fruit the same year the new cane emerges. They do it every year. But I thought the primocane type cultivars only flowered in the 2nd year. Is there something special about your location?

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ericwi, I don't think there's anything special on the location where I have my berry patch. The land slopes some 15 degrees, has some shade in mornings, and late afternoons. The soil is black and mixed with some sandy substance. I'm curious if these blooms really turn into fruit(berries).

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

If yours like mind a root spout that shallow in ground and that top bear fruit this common on all blackberries I've grown.

When sprout from crown they never have fruit on primocanes.

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..that could well be. Could your crown-sprouted primocanes for this year have been damaged during some cultivation process: Hoeing, etc?

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Think Gator is 100% right

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