Peach tree fruit not growing

Cindy70(9)July 11, 2014

We have a peach tree approx. 15yrs old it has been a wonderful producer. BUT this year it has fruit about the size of a quarter and they are NOT growing. Prior years it drops fruit but the rest become wonderful fruit. None of the fruit dropped this year and none is developing? The tree foliage is growing and looks better than ever. I did fertilize in March. What would make the fruit STOP growing?
Thanks for any help you can give

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goodground(z6 NJ)

I'm no peach tree expert but when i planted mine i read that the life span of a peach tree is 15yrs.

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Thank you but it's hard for me to believe a tree that is so healthy is going to die. It actually looks better than it has in previous years... The fruit set (bees did their job and fruit has formed) it has been the same size for several weeks ??

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alan haigh

I've had peaches grow to golf ball size and just rot on the tree after a late frost when small peaches were already formed. The seeds had been killed but it seemed to take a while to affect the fruit growth and the tree wouldn't drop the fruit- it simply started to rot. Something must have stopped your tree from properly developing seed this year and you will not be getting any fruit.

The life span of a peach tree is highly variable and the symptom is not the failure to properly set fruit, it is a decline in vigor. The peaches get smaller but still grow during the season and fully develop into useable fruit.

The fruit may start to rot on the tree, in which case you should knock it off or the small wood will be infected and possibly affect your crop next year.

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appleseed70 you mulch around your trees? If so; what do you use? Have you noticed vole/mole activity in your orchard/yard?
I had the exact same issue several years back. I always mulched around my trees with copious amounts of lawn clippings. I had read somewhere that doing so could provide a haven for voles, which I already knew where plentiful in my orchard. One day I got a rake and pulled back the mulch. It was unbelievable, the ground underneath surrounding the troubled peach tree looked like swiss cheese with all the holes. Feeder roots totally shredded. I will say however that it also caused a general loss in vigor of the entire tree, but it still had generally healthy looking new growth, but the peaches stayed tiny like golfballs.

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You didn't say, if you've thinned the fruit or not. If you've been relying strictly on normal drop in the past and have had none this year, then your fruit is not going to grow, unless you thin it.

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