Balaton Cherries Live Up to the Hype

fruithackJuly 2, 2012

I just got my first small crop of Balaton (on Mahaleb rootstock) cherries and they are indeed an acceptable substitute for sweet cherries. I have a Bing beside the Balaton, and taste comparisons between the fully ripe fruit of both puts the Balaton in a very favorable light. The Balaton isn't as sweet or as firm of flesh, but is comparable in flavor. I also have Montmorency, Northstar, and Surefire sour cherries, which Balatons are superior to by an order of magnitude. The RIPE Balatons are suitable for fresh eating by anyone's standards.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

Balaton is tree I have considered to try as a long shot down here. Glad you got a good tasting from your new tree.

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Do you spray and net your Balaton? I am wondering about the pest, disease and bird pressure on these cherries.

Where did you purchase your Balaton?



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MK, Got my Balatons from, my favorite nursery. I prune all my fruit trees about 6-8' high and net them. I spray only dormant oil occasionally, as needed (it's been several years). I just take my losses from insects, mostly earwigs, which haven't bothered the Balaton, but hammer the bing.

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I can vouch for Balaton. Very productive and tasty. This year though, I was disappointed by the loss of flowerbuds due to warm winter/spring and late frost.

As far as pests, I have had none. This is in contrast to my sweet cherries that always seem to have some pest issue to deal with.

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Fruithack & Capoman - thanks for the info! Sounds like a winner.

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