Best time to transplant raspberry plants

tworivers1July 6, 2009

When would be the best time to transplant raspberry plants which have popped up outside my rows? And when I transplant, is it better to cut all the canes down or can I leave the canes as they are? The types I have are Anne (by far my favorite), Joan J and Himbo.



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I have had success transplanting raspberry volunteers in April and May. I like to dig them up and move them when they have just begun to leaf out, with a few small leaves emerging. If possible, I will transplant during overcast weather, at the beginning of an overcast period, so the transplant will get 2 or 3 days to develop roots before the sun comes out. If I was obliged to transplant during the summer months, I would use a sun shade for several weeks to provide the plant with reduced sunlight.

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Thanks. I'm in no hurry so I'll just wait until spring.

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Anytime, though best is probably while they are dormant. The long root-runners can also be used as transplants - just bury the pieces below the surface. I would shorten the canes a lot so that they balance with having sufficient root below the surface. They will resprout from the roots rather than the cane.
I bigger problem is getting rid of all the adventitious canes that you don't want!

Here is a link that might be useful: complete guide to raspberry cultivation

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So now or be tween now and november would not be a good time?
we were looking to transplant our larger ones to try and get berries this year, they were cut to short lat year for production. 2 years without will be hard :-)

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