dry zone 9 - kiwi

vjeko(Croatia, 9)July 26, 2013

I'm in Croatia on the coast / 100m from the sea with just the
house north of the kiwis - so there's not so much protection from wind. I know this is not the best scenario to grow kiwis and I should probably have stopped since I've already moved/bought new ones a couple of times, but I'm pretty stubborn ;)

The soil lacks humus, so I added sheep manure and worm compost and have sprayed with aerated worm compost tea. The kiwis started growing but with the coming of summer and the hot and dry weather, they just stopped growing and many leaves dried up (I guess I'm afraid of overwatering/root rot.

I added mulch which I collected around the place (grape wines, straw oregano etc.) to see if cooling the soil would help ( I know a lot more mulch is necessary) and gave them a good watering - approx. 20l each away from the "trunk"(removing mulch before watering, so it doesn't breakdown too fast and to avoid disease) . The next day, the leaves showed some healthy green.

What can I do to promote growth ? It seems each year at summer time, all growth stops and withers and then
they start again next spring - not much progress.

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vjeko(Croatia, 9)

this one showed a bit more green

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Just like your citrus too dry. Everything is withering up. Forget disease or mulch and water more.

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My experience with kiwis so far is that they don't seem to like full sun much when they are young--especially if the weather is hot, but even in my cooler maritime climate. Someone else also mentioned this in another thread. Maybe a little shade for a year or two?

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