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ForeverRecycleReuse(MN 4b)July 12, 2013

I planted a plum tree (South facing) last year from a Nursery that had lost its tree tag in a storm. They said it is a self-pollinating plum variety. This year the tree appears healthy... slight battle with aphids but appears resolved. The tree flowered with hot pink flowers and produced tiny fruit bulbs but none developed any larger than a marble and continue to hang on the tree. I do not expect any fruit yet as the tree is still establishing but am concerned with the possibility of it not being a self-pollinator.

All the branches continue to grow upward as well. Not sure if I should try to train them more horizontally. I have many young fruit trees in the yard but am just starting the learning curve. Have read many websites and posts but still do not know that the best approach is with this tree.

All input is greatly appreciated.

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ForeverRecycleReuse(MN 4b)

(Picture of undeveloped fruit...)

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I've never seen plums with those long stems. I'd be concerned it might be an ornamental plum if it's even a plum. Looks more like a crabapple???

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ForeverRecycleReuse(MN 4b)

Well that would sure be a disappointment. Is there anyway to tell the difference or how many years will I have to wait to figure out what kind of tree this really is?

I really had no desire to have a crabapple tree and don't know much about them besides their flowers and fragrance are nice. Are the fruit edible? Thinking it could pollinate an apple tree though....

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

A plum has a single seed inside. A crab apple has several seeds in compartments just like a regular apple. Cut one of those fruit in half and you can easily tell if it's an apple or possibly a plum.

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I do believe it is a crab. Yes it will pollinate an apple tree.

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That appears to be a crabapple tree. The stems on the fruits are long. The bark is smooth. The size of the fruits is too small to be a named variety of plum at this point in the summer. The crabapples will be edible but may or may not be palatable. Yes it will do a good job of pollinating another apple tree. Or you could graft whatever apple you want onto it.

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ForeverRecycleReuse(MN 4b)

Cut one of the fruits open and there are (4) seed chambers. I guess my plum tree has become a crabapple tree.

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